The Ports

We produce undated Ports as well as Ports with indication of the year of harvest (single year Ports). 

Undated Ports

Undated Ports are a blend of several years. Some of them may show their age on the label (but not a year of production), after having been submitted to the approval of the Douro and Port Wine Institute and having got the right to bear their age. This is, for instance, the case of the 10 Years Old Port. The other undated Ports differ in colour (Tawny, Ruby, White), quality level (a Reserva Ruby is an example of a very good Port without date) and sugar content (sweet, dry). According to its characteristics, each Krohn's Port is particularly recommendable for a certain context of consumption (before or after meals, with cheese or cake,...).


Dated Ports

Ports with indication of the year of harvest have been produced in a single year. They are aged in different ways, depending on the category they belong:

  • Colheita
  • Vintage and Late Bottled Vintage

Many of these dated Ports are rare wines - especially the older ones - and the limited stocks may be sold out at any moment. For this reason their offer is always subject to availability.

Wiese & Krohn offers a big collection of dated and undated Ports. For more details please click on the type of Port you wish to be informed about.